Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

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  1. I know the RCMP are corrupt as hell, given:
    – They established at committee that Emperor Jr. met all the criteria for being arrested and charged for the 2016 vacation scandal, yet they refuse to do so.
    – Their (probable) involvement with the nazi flag false flag, given the only possible place that photo was taken would put the flag in the exact same hotel that RCMP officers were staying at, meaning the so-called protestor would have had to magically bypass a considerable number of officers to get that flag out for the most convenient photo op.
    – All the leaked messages talking about the RCMP being all ecstatic about trampling on protestors with the jack boots.

    That said, this whole thing does give credibility to foreign mercs being used to viciously beat up on protestors and prevent those who need medical treatment from getting it which resulted in at least one fatality during the crackdown. No one ever did explain why UN planes were spotted in North Bay on the same weekend as the crackdown (which would put them close enough for them to be bused to Ottawa, but far enough that maybe no one would spot them… except they were). People on the ground did (apparently) note that these so-called unmarked an unidentified ‘officers’ didn’t appear to understand a word of English. I know I have been saying this since day 1 and other guys like Jeremy MacKenzie also seem to believe this, but this should be a bigger deal than it appears to be. Using foreign mercs to control the population represents a far more serious problem, since our internal affairs are being directly interfered with.

    Question: Were foreign mercs also being used to beat up protestors in Edmonton? They (pretty much) charged at unarmed protestors and went to immediately attack and beat them up, showing nothing but violence and provocation at the (faux) law enforcement end.

  2. Why is this report not front page news in the Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Vancouver Sun, Global News, CBC News etc? Because they are completely 100% corrupt and need to be put out of business by taking away their government subsidies.