This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:
• Liberals Admit They Have “No Data” To Support Teen Trans Suicides
• Canadian Taxpayer Federation Worst Wastage Winners
• Study Shows High Immigration Not Good for Economy
• Liberals Care About Immigrants – But Not Canadians
• Record Canadian Bankruptcies
• Member Countries and States Opt Out of WHO
• Mallard Duck May be GoF Avian Flu Vector
• AstraZeneca Withdraws Covid Vaccine Globally
• Natural Immunity Proven More Effective
• Canada’s Catastrophe: 300,000 Additional Miscarriages Since 2021
• Toddler Has Hearing Restored with Retrovirus
• Victorinox’s New Snowflake Marketing Strategy
• The Elderly Celebrate. Incontinence is Now Cool.
• Woke ‘Survivor’: About What You’d Expect