“The Chinese media landscape in Canada is vast, with close to 100 Chinese Canadian outlets, as well as Mandarin and Cantonese Radio and TV, earning it the nickname ‘the ethnic mainstream.'”

by Brad Salzberg

May 9, 2024

Recently released with no exposure to the general public, Diaspora Dynamics: Ethnic Media and Foreign Conflict in Multicultural Canada” offers enlightening insight into the isolated world of ethnic media representation in Canada.

“As Canada continues to embrace its multicultural reality, and debate the kind of policy that needs, a deeper understanding of how homeland conflicts impact immigrant communities becomes increasingly important. This understanding is crucial not just for policymakers and community leaders but also for the general public.

Extracted from a study published by media analysts MIREMS, the report sheds light on a media structure which currently exists in an ethnocentric vacuum.

‘Diverse Voices, Shared Nation: The Role of Ethnic Media in Shaping Canadian Mindsets’

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