by Eldric Vero

May 9, 2024

The following CotD is a presentation of the New Zealand “Adverse Events of Special Interest” (AESI) and the “Total Adverse Events Following (AEFI) Reports” as per the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.  The weekly/monthly Reports may be accessed via the website .

This CotD was inspired by Dr. Guy David Hatchard in his recent May 6th Hatchard Report article “Breaking: The Labour Government Deliberately Gaslit the New Zealand Public” see link:  From the article “Not only did the Ardern government hide the information it was receiving from its Five Eyes intelligence partners about Covid’s origins, it also kept quiet about information it received from Pfizer in April 2021 detailing a massive range of adverse effects and health issues occurring subsequent to Covid mRNA vaccination. Worse, they mandated the mRNA Covid vaccines, told the public they were safe and effective, and refused to grant exemptions except to health service cronies. We now know they were playing a double game. Those injured by the Covid vaccines are still being gaslighted. Our hospitals are overwhelmed with cancers and heart disease. Excess deaths remain high. A dose of reality, responsibility, remorse and remediation is urgently required.

Panel 1

It is important to distinguish between “Reports” and Events”.   As per the Report below Table 4, within the text it indicates the following “Please note that one adverse event report, which represents one person, may report on more than one symptom.” (i.e. there may be multiple adverse events in a Report).  Up to November 30, 2022 (the last known Safety Report), there have been 64,829 Total Reports of AEFIs of which 61,141are defined as “Non-Serious” and 3,688 defined as “Serious.   Just above Figure 4 in the Report, one can download the total Most Frequently Reported AEFIs list to date (i.e. n=223,735).  The CotD author has added the 2,988 “Adverse Events of Special Interest” (AESI) for a grand total of 226,723 Total Events or an average of 3.5 “events” per report.  In addition, below Figure 4 is Table 9 which details total “Adverse Events of Special Interest” (AESI).

A total of 184 reports with an outcome of Death have been reported to date as indicated below Table 4 in the Report. The author has excluded this statistic from the Adverse Events Totals (for now), however, Total Serious Events plus Deaths account for 1.7 percent of all Adverse Events.  FYI, it is factually known that not all Vaccine Adverse Events are reported to the government and consequently are vastly “under-reported” (i.e. the numbers could be up to 40 times higher based on studies of the United States VAERS data).


Panel 2

This illustrates the three main AESI sub-groups: Cardiovascular, Blood & Lymphatic and Infections/Musculoskeletal. These three sub-groups account for 75 percent of the AESIs to date. The majority of cases within the Cardiovascular sub-group (90 percent) are attributed to myocarditis and pericarditis.  Also interesting is that Herpes Zoster (Shingles) makes up 73 percent of the Infections/Musculoskeletal category


Panel 3

This graph presents the four remaining sub-groups: Nervous System, Auto-immune Diseases, Kidney/Liver Injury and Pregnancy Outcomes (spontaneous abortion, miscarriage) which combined account for 25 percent of the AESIs to date.  The 184 Deaths are presented in the graph since the data set is separate and accessed within the Report.   The data indicates there has been on average 10 vaccine related deaths per month since May 2021.  Also observe the significant change of AESIs in the Auto-Immune Diseases sub-group which all are attributed to Anaphylaxis due to definitional change.


Panel 4

A per Table 9 within the Report detailing the AESIs.