An illegal mandatory vaccination letter was sent to parents in Ontario, Canada





  1. The problem is that in Coast Health 90%+ of people not only fell for the fake pandemic, they fell for “getting your freedom back” by taking experimental shots that no sane person would take or even needed. They are still being pushed by the NDP and Bonnie Henry on infants and no one cares. Not the Conservatives and certainly not Falcon’s party that was Bonnie Henry’s number one supporter. The average British Columbian’s who complied with the fraud were rewarded while only those who dissented were brutally punished and publicly shamed. Now the guilty parties who were responsible for inflicting this damage of society want to pretend it didn’t happen. Unfortunately anyone who went along with it is guilty and that’s the vast majority of people. People that think they are “good people” screwed those of use who resisted and told us to “put your mask over your nose”. We aren’t ever going to forget you and we won’t have your back when the government comes for you. Which they most certainly will.