“Trudeau Is Utterly Determined To Control The Media” writes Peter Menzies, former Chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

by Brad Salzberg

May 7, 2024

While fear of going hungry may persist, in many respects Canadian media are on the receiving end of what can be considered a “free lunch.”

CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, CTV and other key players. While part of their function is criticism of government policy, who’s there to critique mainstream media output?

After nearly nine years of the current incarnation of our Liberal government, this question should be front-and-centre in the minds of freedom-loving Canadians.

Much of media motivation can be found in the financial. Early in his tenure, PM Justin Trudeau signed off on funding for–get this– over 1000 media outlets from coast-to-coast.

A ubiquitous piece of financial support it is. Everything from Alaska Highway News to Cape Breton Star. From major players like the CBC($1.3 billion and rising) to woke Liberal-lovers Toronto Star, and on and on.

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  1. Of course. With full control:
    – There is (supposedly) full control of the narrative. What qualifies as covid19 proves that the masses are SUEPR easy to dupe (Remember a provision from the law was removed in late 2019, right before all this happened that gave the media a free pass to lie without consequence). They deliberately wasted a year to fearporn much of the population into total submission and compliance so %-wise, we are one of the most jabbed places in the world. And the hilarious part is, they’ll do it again and again and again, thinking the whole time that they have smartened up and somehow they’ll spot a false flag (It’s actually quite hilarious how stupid people have become, really).
    – There is only the easy pass during press conferences (which are heavily controlled, anyway). Emperor Jr. does not like ‘questions’ that do not come with pre-scripted answers, otherwise, the response sounds like word salad dribble that is incoherent (There is a reason we only see one side of that thing’s head. The teleprompter heeds to be kept well-hidden. When the teleprompter does not do their job, well…).
    – There is also no choice for these so-called media outlets. They have lied so much, the trust is gone (even though there are idiots that still tune in) and they are losing vast amounts of revenue, complicated by people not being able to afford media subscriptions or purchases. They are stuck at the trough and feeding off it as a means of survival, so like it or not, like the population with the jabs, they are also forced into compliance to do as they are told, or lose the money.

    And does our dictatorship care? Nope. Not in the slightest. They are merely a colony overseer, taking orders from foreigners, who’s job is to deliberately break us and kill us. Would be nice if they would be lined up for treason. After all, the wilful assassination of an entire populations does amount to a genocide campaign and that’s exactly what is being done to us, RIGHT NOW!