People Tell Me : ‘People Are Becoming More Enlightened About Governments Abuse Of Authority, Covid Propaganda Etc —Well, Ontario By Elections Say Otherwise  !!

Two recent by elections in Ontario  sure don’t show that people are getting any wiser.  Given the undemocratic measures against Dr. Byram Bridle at the University of Guelph and the treatment of Dr. Jordan Peterson at the Ontario College Of Physicians and Surgeons one would think that would resonate with voters . That their establishment is anything but fair and democratic.

People have short memories it seems in our most populous Province . Just a few years ago the Nursing Home fiasco occurred whereby the Armed Forces had to be called in to help. And their reports on the conditions in these homes was atrocious. This all under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Government. And this is the Government that keeps spending beyond its means. Net per capita debt according to Royal Bank of Canada figures had each Ontarian owing $26,000 in Provincial Debt in 2023/24, second highest in the country.

In these by elections there was a turn out of 30% in one and 27% in the other —Lambton-Kent -Middlesex and Kent ridings respectively.

The ruling Party responsible for continuing  this debt spiral and overseeing the nursing homes debacle and preaching the lie,  like other Governments , of Safe and Effective , are rewarded by winning both ridings —-and comfortably over their nearest rival  —56% to 22% in one and 47% to 38% in the other.

It demonstrates again , if in fact we needed any reminder , that democracy is very fragile and with Government propaganda and a pliant press , supported by Big Pharma and Big Tech the system is stacked against regular folk and a real representative and responsible democracy.

The Honorable A. Brian Peckford