“The 2019 and 2021 federal elections were tainted by the stain of foreign interference.”

by Brad Salzberg

May 5, 2024

May 3rd, 2024: “Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference commissioner Marie-Josée Hogue concluded in her first report released Friday that the 2019 and 2021 federal elections were tainted by the stain of foreign interference.”

In terms of adherence to  “woke” media rhetoric, Canada’s National Post exists as an outlier. Forget about the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and CBC. Funded by our Liberal government, these media entities jumped off the deep end of globalist propaganda dissemination years ago.

Arguably the best of them in terms of objective reporting, the National Post does an admirable job, yet in certain respects, continues to miss the mark. Or rather, neglect to “give credit where credit is due.”

“To accomplish its goals, China relies on a range of individuals such as PRC officials in Canada, Canadian-based proxies, and bodies of both the Chinese Communist Party and the PRC such as the United Front Work Department.”

And the original source and impetus for this penetration of Canadian society is? The distinguished honour goes to founder of multiculturalism, ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. It was he who in the early 1970’s set off for a series of meetings with leaders of the government of China. Less than a year later, Trudeau Sr. introduced(forced) multiculturalism on an unsuspecting Canadian public.

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