RealClear Health this month published an op-ed by Dr. Pierre Kory, president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, and journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer that raised questions about COVID-19 vaccines and rising cancer rates. Is it a sign that mainstream media is finally ready to allow debate on the vaccines?

by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

the Defender

May 3, 2024

Are mainstream media and the public becoming more open to news and perspectives contradicting the establishment narrative on COVID-19, the vaccines and the prevailing public health policies of the past four years?

If so, can such incremental change eventually lead to a transformation in public attitudes?

At least one medical expert thinks so. Writing on Substack, Dr. Pierre Kory, president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, cited the April 25 publication of a RealClear Health op-ed he co-wrote with journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer as an example of how the public narrative may be changing.

The op-ed analyzed evidence finding that mRNA vaccines are the cause of a significant spike in cancer among young people.

Kory wrote that this is the fifth op-ed he and Pfeiffer have published in mainstream, widely read news outlets since August 2023 on related topics.

“It appears the public’s appetite for objective, independent analysis of vaccine harm is increasing,” Kory wrote on Substack.

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    Kemper pretty much says how any form of speech that isn’t approved will mean jail for life, so no, not only will the public never be allowed to know this, but no attempt will ever be made to inform them. They will never be informed. This can of worms is simply too big that they can never risk opening it. It is, literally, among the biggest false flags and psyops ever created (And we’ve had quite a few doozys over the last century, alone).

    Please keep in mind, I also got a taste of how corrupt and pointless ‘government’ was many years back when I was crippled on the job and every public system not gave them a free pass in doing so, but I was screwed over on all forms of compensation and assistance, the stuff I spent years and years paying into on the off-chance something like this happened. I was left to die, literally. If it was not for my family caring for me, I would be. Not that I really trusted them in the first place, but there is no way I could ever trust them, at all. I know from first-hand experience they are corrupt, self-serving, duplicitous and ultimately useless. You will never change my mind on that.

  2. There was not a pandemic in 2020. That’s the first big lie. If you consider 894 official covid deaths in BC (less than half which were FROM covid) justifies ANYTHING the government did in 2020 you are insane. Approximately 38,000 people die every year in BC and in 2020 we had LESS deaths than the previous five year average. Adrian Dix closing hospitals for two months killed people that would otherwise still be alive. Locking us into our homes for months killed people that would otherwise still be alive. Rates of suicide and drug overdoses increased. Why did the government kill its own citizens without any justification? The outrageous fake models from the WHO? All of the above is a crime serious enough to warrant criminal trials. The gene therapy treatments that were forced on the population are straight up evil and are still being promoted by Bonnie Henry and the NDP government. All of it was promoted by the local and national media without question and they censored anyone that disagreed. Three quarters of a million British Columbians didn’t take the shots. There are hundreds of thousands more that didn’t want the shots but were forced into taking them. Then there are the people that were killed, injured and suffered adverse affects from the mandated experimental shots. There are at least a million British Columbians that are extremely angry with the government for what they did. Perhaps they ALL need to show up in Victoria.