Statistics Canada is irrepressible

by Bruce O’Hara

May 2, 2024

I confess a grudging respect for the staff at Statistics Canada.

Government statisticians in the United States routinely fudge economic data to try to make Joe Biden look good – only to downwardly revise those numbers month after month when they think no one is looking.

StatsCan clearly has more integrity than that. When there’s an elephant in the middle of the room, they feel compelled to talk about it. Though they’re not brazen enough to overtly display ugly numbers they know Justin Trudeau doesn’t want you to see, they do leave those numbers where anyone willing to look can find them.

Take this latest StatsCan Report. Gross domestic product is the single most common statistic used to measure a country’s economic performance. I think it is a less-than-useful statistic at the best of times, but it is particularly misleading when immigration and inflation are both high. At those times, it is far more accurate to measure GDP per person, and measure it in inflation-adjusted dollars.

This article does that, and graphs the result:

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