by Jon Rappoport

May 1, 2024

In a previous article, I opened up the can of worms called the federal PREP Act of 2005.

Recently, a high court in North Carolina ruled that, although a boy was given the COVID shot against his will, and without the consent of his parents, no law suit would fly.1

Because state laws protecting the boy’s rights are superseded by federal law—namely the PREP Act.

This is the law that allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services to declare a health emergency—at which point every person or group even remotely involved in “countermeasures”…

Like vaccines, drugs…

Is automatically immune from charges of liability.


Kill the patient? No problem.

The PREP Act is a federal law, and it also empowers an unelected bureaucrat—the Secretary of Health and Human Services—to decide when to declare an emergency—which triggers the provisions of the law.


But you see, NOTHING in the Constitution grants the federal government or a bureaucrat that power.

The Constitution enumerates federal powers and then explicitly grants all other powers to the states or the people.

The Constitution doesn’t talk about the federal right to declare emergencies and protect vaccine makers or nurses who force shots into the arms of children.

The high court of North Carolina should have declared this FACT. It shouldn’t have folded its tent and claimed that federal law overrides state law.

Federal law doesn’t. Unless the Constitution spells out a specific federal power the states can’t cancel.

Judges shouldn’t be able to behave like idiots, morons, or predators. But then we would be talking about a country where JUSTICE still prevails.

“The kid shouldn’t have been injected without his permission and the permission of his parents. That action was foul and egregious, but you see, we, the state court, can’t do anything about it, because the federal government is in charge and what they say goes.”