“Justin Trudeau is as woke as they come. He wants Canadians to cherish values held in countries like India and Pakistan. Thus, the sardonic sentencing of our PM.”

by Brad Salzberg

May 1, 2024

Branding PM Justin Trudeau a “wacko,” Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre blamed Canada’s prime minister for “allowing British Columbia to decriminalize small amounts of hard drugs, a step B.C. is now seeking to roll back.”

Ejected from the House of Commons by Liberal speaker of the house Greg Fergus, the move followed banishment of Conservative MP Rachael Thomas, who moments earlier was removed for refusing to apologize for saying Fergus was acting “in a disgraceful manner.”

On the subject of “disgrace,” little can top the retort made by PM Trudeau:

“Trudeau accused Poilievre of courting ‘white nationalist groups’ with his visit to an anti-carbon tax protest camp in the Maritimes earlier this month.”

Portraying the Conservatives as racist bigots is nothing new for Liberal strategists. Every time the whiff of a federal election arrives, Trudeau and the Liberals dig deep into these accusations.

A tired, pathetic romp it is. It also shows how politicians who exist outside the woke Liberal bubble must be careful when it comes to spontaneous behaviours in public.