Immune System Dysregulation In Part Explains Turbo Cancers

by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

May 1, 2024

Every cancer registry in the world is up with new cases and documented rapid progression of disease aptly termed “turbo cancer.” The trendline went up with the rollout of genetic COVID-19 vaccines. What mechanism could explain an injection of Pfizer or Moderna mRNA and the genesis of cancer?

Kyriakopoulos et al have recently published a thorough investigation into the response by regulatory T-cells after encountering repeated injections of foreign mRNA.

“An inappropriate homeostatic balance among T-effector, T-regulatory and memory T-regulatory cells can direct the immune system toward either cancer or autoimmunity. When cancer is present, Treg cells suppress anti-tumor immunity, and, when cancer is absent, Treg cells play the beneficial role of preventing the development of autoimmunity. In this review, we analyze Treg responses after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination and find distinct pathological responses under differing conditions. In cancer patients, the degree of disease progression depends on the cancer status at the time of vaccination and the type of cancer treatment they receive concurrently. We hypothesize that migration of circulating dendritic cells and mTreg cells back to the thymus accelerates thymic involution, a direct cause of immunosenescence. In summary, the Treg responses produced after mRNA vaccination and the subsequent mRNA-encoded SARS-CoV-2 spike protein expression may lead to a harmful influence on the immune system of vaccinees, and subsequent accelerated development of cancer and autoimmune disease. These mechanisms are consistent with both epidemiological findings and case reports.”

In other words, repeated injections of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are taking down immune surveillance for nascent malignant cells while at the same time inducing autoimmunity.

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