“For Emmanuel Macron, more babies are vital to maintain France’s national vigour. Italy’s Georgia Meloni has made encouraging more Italian women to give birth top priority.”

by Brad Salzberg

April 27, 2024

Held back from public awareness, the story of declining birth-rates in Canada deserves far greater exposure to the public. That it hasn’t occurred is entirely suspect. A thorough analysis of the issue would expose fallibility on the part of government, something media managers are loathe to do.

Statistics Canada released new data showing that the country’s fertility rate has plummeted to an all-time low of 1.33 children per woman in 2022. One demographer warns the drop is closely linked to a rise in economic pressures.”

Placing this dire information in historical context, in addition to comparisons with foreign birth-rates, sheds much needed light on the topic.

“The decrease in the TFR [total fertility rate] from 2021 to 2022 (-7.4%) is the largest decrease since 1971 to 1972 (-7.6%), at the height of the “baby bust” that followed the baby boom (1946 to 1965). Canada’s decrease was one of the largest among high-income countries.” 

In 2022, the Liberal government of Canada set a new immigration record  with 471,550 new permanent residents admitted to our country. All of which brings about questions conveniently eschewed by Canadian media.

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  1. Harper: Signed Canada onto 2030.
    Trudeau: High-speed crashed Canada into the ground to make it destitute and penniless.
    Poilievre: Enables the full-on 2030 agenda since it will appear to be much better than what Trudeau left us.

    WAKE UP! They are all in on this! Blue and red means nothing! They are two sides of the same coin! They all applauded nazis in parliament, together, making it a total joke!

    …Honestly, I don’t need to tell any of your regulars this, anyway, given anyone who visits this site is already awake.