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BREAKING NEWS QR Codes coming to a remote Canadian island in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Île de la Madeleine! This is real, not a conspiracy theory Time to stand united, rally behind our fellow Canadians. Let’s strategize how to halt this trend and send a clear message: Canadians will not embrace QR codes or a social credit system. #NoToQR This video explains that visitors to the island won’t require a code to enter; however, tourists must show a QR code for departure. Residents, on the other hand, only need to present their driver’s license with an island address. The exit check is implemented to confirm the absence of any municipal infractions, which officials claim is to support the island’s infrastructure. There are discussions among officials asserting that this process is akin to presenting identification for air or sea travel. However, a woman argues that those are services we opt to use, distinct from leaving our homes. They engage in a back-and-forth; the official labels her statement as an opinion, but she counters it’s a fact. The official dismisses her and essentially shuts her down, treating her as if she were a child.