“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the new rules a historic, indispensable step for the European Union.”

by Brad Salzberg

April 26, 2024

If ever concerned voters doubted mainstream media’s dedication to Canada’s Liberal government, the time has arrived to bury the hatchet.

Often it is that what the press refuse to report on is as relevant, or more relevant, than the actual presentation of news events. While Canadians spend their time micro-managing daily food budgets, news outlets in Europe are wringing their hands over a ground-breaking development:

“The European Parliament adopted its Pact on Migration and Asylum on April 10, 2024, clearing a major hurdle on its way to becoming European Union law. The package of regulations and directives seeks to update EU policies on migrants and refugees.”

As reported on by the CBC? As disseminated by the Globe & Mail? Blink, and you missed it– because it hasn’t happened.

According to France24, “The EU parliament adopted a contentious reform of Europe’s asylum policies that will harden border procedures, a sweeping reform nearly a decade in the making.”

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