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April 26, 2024

History Does Not Lie

Decades before Justin Trudeau and the NDP held power in Canada, thirteen years before there was an Alberta NDP government, take a look at how World Economic Forum carbon taxes came to Canada, with a focus on Alberta.

Quick summary of the forming of a global Oligarchy (a small group of people having control);
1974, World Banking; Canada signs on, losing it’s banking sovereignty; Liberal, Pierre Trudeau

1971, World Economic Forum forms, over the years attended by many conservative and liberal Canadian politicians, corporate leaders, bankers, academics. Justin Trudeau, Michelle Rempel Garner, Maxime Bernier, Chrystia Freeland, John Baird, Alberta CPC MPs Joe Oliver and Ed Fast. @Stephan Harper and the Canadian government were contributing leaders at the WEF.

1973; Trilateral Commission forms to, “foster a New International Economic Order.” Liberal Mark Carney, the former Governor of Bank of Canada and Bank of England is a longstanding contributing leader there.

1973, WEF partners with Club of Rome, providing the vehicle for the climate change agenda; Davos Reset: New Manifesto Issued for World Economic.
1988, International Panel of Climate Change forms, co-established by Alberta Oilman Maurice Strong, merging World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environment Program, provides the WEF and Canadian government (s) pseudo/fake climate change “science”.

Subsequent Liberal and Conservative governments then went to work betraying the people of Canada. Uni-parties are subsequent governments with no opposition. Nothing but political theater in the Canadian Parliament and media. History does not lie.
See Below: Year, federal/provincial government action/policy/law; and government in power

1992, Canada signs to climate change Sustainable Development agenda; Canada Conservative

2002/2003, Alberta climate change law; cut CO2 emissions 50% by 2020; Conservative
2007, Alberta Industrial Carbon Tax; industry to cut CO2 by 12%; Conservative
2008, billions in Alberta taxpayer funded carbon capture projects; Conservative
2009, Alberta Emissions Management Corp, lobbyists decide where carbon taxes go; Conservative

2014, Alberta Conservative government brings World Economic Forum to Alberta for the first time for climate change and energy talks. Danielle Smith, then the leader of Wildrose party, praised the event as “highly prestigious and important”, angry the meeting was delayed.

2015, Alberta ends coal-fired electricity; expanded so-called green energy; NDP
Question: Are the Alberta UCP government stopping the closure of the two remaining coal plants in Alberta? No they’re not.
2015, Canada signs onto binding climate change Paris Agreement law; Conservative
2016, Alberta Oil Sands Emissions Limit; capped CO2 emissions on oil sands, capped production, no more expansion, killing investment and prosperity; NDP

Note; Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis played a role in this (see below)
2016/17, Canada consumer carbon tax; Liberal/NDP (Alberta then had two carbon taxes, industrial and consumer)

2019, Alberta UCP are elected, instantly break promise to repeal, remove, oil sands CO2 emissions cap, “Not a fight we’re going to get into at this point”
2020, Alberta’s UCP conservative government partners with Canada’s Liberal/NDP government expanding carbon capture, committing tens of billions of taxpayer dollars/debt, this is on top of the taxes collect through carbon taxes.

2022, tripling Alberta’s Industrial carbon tax; United Conservatives
2024, Alberta United Conservative government attends COP 28 annual climate change summit, promoting Net Zero, taxpayer funded carbon capture.

Alberta United Conservative government Premier Danielle Smith stated, “When it comes to climate change, I’ve done a complete one-eighty. I’m now an early adopter in believing Alberta can reach Net Zero faster than anyone, anywhere else.”
Alberta was a testing and proving ground for carbon taxing, fraud of so-called green energy and taxpayer funded carbon capture fraud. Thirteen years before Rachel Notley and the NDP.

Here’s how Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis played a key role in the shutting down of Alberta oil sands expansion, in her time of leadership at Trillium Foundation in Ontario.
– Lewis gave millions of Ontario taxpayer funds to anti-oil groups who successfully campaigned to shut down Alberta’s oil sands expansion
– for example, $200,000 of taxpayer dollars in one 2019 grant alone to the Tides


– Lewis called for quick transition to so-called green tech, to end dependency on oil and gas
– Lewis said transition to so-called energy should adopt carbon taxes and subsidies
– Lewis was enthusiastic about the Paris Agreement, will not commit to pulling out
– Lewis supports the Paris Accord CO2 emission targets


Pierre Poilievre, is literally a lifetime politician. Immediately after graduating from the University of Calgary with a bachelor of arts degree, Poilievre went to work as federal conservative political staffer, elected as a Member of Parliament at 25, from 2007 began mentoring under Stephan Harper and shadowed CPC Ministers in key portfolios, becoming Harper’s parliamentary secretary and then becoming Minister of government at the age of 34.


Poilievre/Trudeau, it really doesn’t matter, the uni-party establishment tells their political assets what to say. Its a catchy slogan, but ‘Axe the Tax’ is nothing but political theatre, a political lie.
Here’s further evidence of political theatre; If Poilievre, @danielle Smith, Moe and the other six provinces (includes liberal and ndp provincial governments) were serious about repealing carbon taxes they’d immediately begin a constitutional challenge as there’s a strong threshold there, but they don’t.

Maxime Bernier and leadership of organizations and influencers like Alberta Prosperity Project, Take Back Alberta, Canadians for Truth, Shadoe Davis, Alberta News & Views, Rebel News, True North, Keean Bexte, Western Standard, Jordan B Peterson, etc, should be explaining this, as well as sharing the history of Canada and Alberta’s betrayal – on repeat, to sound the alarm. But they don’t. The question to ask yourself is, why is that?


Come on now, be smarter. Justin Trudeau hasn’t betrayed Canada alone. It started under his father Pierre, he’s simply finishing the treasonous betrayal of the people of Canada at the hands of uni-party governments.