by Linda Slobodian

Western Standard

April 19, 2024

COVID-19 tyrants pushed their plans in a cowardly way. Mask us, isolate us, push experimental vaccines on us, punish us for not complying — and sic the cops on us to do their dirty work. Let the angry public hate the boys in blue.

Even pro-police backers like me couldn’t choke back disgust over shows of force on peaceful Freedom Convoy truckers, or pastors swarmed and hauled to jail in handcuffs. No doubt some swaggering cops blindly obeying orders got all pumped up on the power of trampling on good people’s Charter rights.

Were they among the “mob” that made life hell in a “toxic” and “hostile” work environment for fellow officers and civilians with Edmonton Police Service (EPS) who didn’t do the same?

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  1. It would be nice to read the whole story, why post this if one cannot read the full story. I sure hope you do not pay Western Standard for their stories as they do not let anyone read them unless they pay, at one point you could read one article a week, but now that does not seem to be. If I were to pay for this alternate media to hear the real truth I would have nothing left in my pension. It is so sad that to get the truth we have to pay for it. Then you have the mainstream media with nothing but lies.

    • Diane, I understand your frustration, but you must realize, Western Standard take NO MONIES from the FEDS, unlike all other MSM. This is their way of being able to pay for their writers and provide news most msm do not cover.

  2. More than enough details in the extended report they linked to.
    I’m more concerned about our political chief of police, the comply or else attitude towards both staff and the public.
    Never mind the empire building, mititarism, virtual immunity, and bloated Sgt numbers (due to a faulty contract)
    Maybe we can the new APP to take over for the eps???