1. Is anyone surprised? The lot of them are all vax’d and didn’t make a peep in 2020 other than demonizing anyone that didn’t go along with the scamdemic. Lantsman = Freeland. It’s too bad Bernier doesn’t have a little more charisma. The French accent kills it for so many Canadians which is totally wrong and completely unfair but the media blackballing him is the main reason he hasn’t gotten any traction. Most Canadians would agree with his policies if they knew about them. I believe he’s making a huge mistake by not making an issue out of his vaccine status and banging the drum for the vaccine injured. It does make my wonder why he isn’t.

  2. Ask yourself what the CPC has done the past eight years to counter Trudeau? Andrew Sheer and Erin O’Toole.
    Poilievre has never had a real job and has been making all the right noises but he has no problem with image makeovers which means he’s not authentic. I don’t trust him. I believe the CPC is as corrupt as the Liberals because quite frankly they haven’t done anything substantive to reign in Trudeau. It’s been eight years. Judge them by what they did during the coup of 2020. They also stood side by side with the Liberals in saluting the Nazi in the HOC. A lot of the rot in Canada started under WEF globalist Stephen Harper. Why didn’t he reign in the CBC? He appointed an incompetent to run it and it remained business as usual. To think that the CPC has somehow morphed into a freedom loving party that looks out for the average Canadian is naive at best. They flooded the country with immigrants and want to continue to do so. Believing that PP is going to “save” us is a fairy tale.