Her unwavering dedication and meticulous research in restoring Peace, Order and Good Government are truly inspiring. I have included notes on the ‘inaccuracies/unverified’ information to ensure precision in our future endeavors. It is crucial to acknowledge that no one can perfectly articulate all aspects when initially addressing such intricate issues as how the U.N. is ‘turning our local councils into U.N. field offices,’ as Shelagh so eloquently expressed.

Shelagh MacFarlane, a prominent figure in the local landscape, spearheaded the POGG Primer.  Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the issues at hand led her to focus on what she terms the Public Private Partnership. Together with Angel Godsoe, she presented a compelling deputation to the City of Kawartha Lakes on September 26, 2023.

Gather 2030s KICLEI approach is distinct from that of the POGG; KICLEI seeks to educate our communities and governing bodies on the origins, aims, supporting rationales and disadvantages of U.N. directive programs and to provide clear, reasonable and helpful recommendations that empower councils to end their voluntary participation in these programs. We believe that it’s time to take action and put an end to our involvement in these programs, and we’re here to help make it happen.

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Shelagh MacFarlane’s words, either directly or paraphrased, are in italics and were used in the first deputation, while notes on inaccuracies/unverified information is stated in bold.

CANADA was signed on to U.N. Agenda 21 in 1992 by Brian Mulroney. A total of 178 countries agreed because this international agreement promised them “big money” to go “green.”

Once signed, Canada’s governments restructured as the U.N. MEMBER STATES. All towns were to be abandoned or merged to form UN CITY STATES. PLEASE NOTE: The government did not restructure; rather, it adopted a global agenda.

By 2000, we saw countries being “governed” by directions of the United Nations, G7, G20, Council of Foreign Relations, World Bank, World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization, International Council on Local and Environmental Issues (ICLEI), etc…

Instead of following parliamentary procedures for law changes, the Municipal Primer was sent to all of our local towns in 1994 & outlined how they were to restructure their governments. PLEASE NOTE: The Municipal Primer sent by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) DID NOT break parliamentary procedures for law changes, nor did it outline how they were to restructure the local governments. The Municipal primer simply provided a blueprint for how Agenda 21 could be implemented at the local level.

-Our public officials/office – our elected mayor and councilors – were “partnered” with a private corporation (CITY) that would “help” the local administrators implement the global agenda. PLEASE NOTE: There was always a partnership between the Mayor and Council and the service corporation of each municipality for the municipality to provide services through a service corporation. 

-Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) were brought into every town to work with the mayor to implement the global agenda instead of a local one and to commit public funds to private sustainable development goals & foreign investors under the guise of “saving the planet.” PLEASE NOTE: There was always a CAO to oversee the municipal services in each municipality. The issue is that U.N. directive programs, such as the Partners for Climate Protection Program, have augmented the duties of the city staff. Participation in these programs is endorsed by councils voluntarily, and they can leave these programs at any time with a simple vote.