Conservative Federal Leader Poilievre nor the Prime Minister have replied  to a letter I wrote them about closing the loophole that allows MP ‘s to break the law and continue to serve as an MP, my letter to the Times Colonist newspaper refuting their non science support of vaccines remains unanswered  , and so , too, John Rustad , BC Conservative leader,  has not replied to my letter refuting factually his allegation that I had no experience in BC politics.

The depths  to which our society has fallen!

Hon. Brian Peckford P.C.



  1. There wasn’t a pandemic to begin with. Anyone taking five minutes to check the statistics on the BC Centre for Disease Control web site in 2020 would have known that. Then there was the Great Barrington Declaration in October of 2020 where 1200 doctors and scientists said the same thing but the corrupt media censored it. No pandemic means no need for experimental shots. Mandating them is pure evil. I believe there is a doctor in Ontario who is being supported by Elon Musk who said all of the above and is being persecuted by the College of Physicians. Same thing is happening in BC but no one cares. Where was Rustad in 2020?
    Where was Poilievre in 2020? I don’t like judging people but if I do then I judge them by their actions. That goes double for politicians. ALL of the with the exception of Bernier failed miserably. If you’re a vax’d politician it means you either fell for the pandemic that wasn’t or you were complicit in the coup.

  2. Or all the politicians received saline, they never got the real shot, look Trudy got how many shots, if that is the case then he would have health issues, now they are trying to get people to take more of the bio weapons for the spring flu, as far as PP goes or Michelle Rempel the opposition of medical did nothing to stop this bio weapon. To date no government official is speaking out against this. Until PP stands up I will not vote for him.
    Not one politician answers any emails I have sent lots and not a one back. They do not work for us they all work for WHO, UN and the great you will own nothing and be happy group. The thing is do these politicians believe they will be protected when the shit hits the fan. Nope them and their children will go down the drain with the rest of us. There is None so Blind than those who refuse to see. With all that is going on with the governments leading in the misinformation etc….are all downright lies. Thank you Mr. Peckford for all that you do! You are the only one that deserves to have Honourable in front of your name.

  3. The reason no one is speaking out is that the vast majority of people and politicians went along with it. It makes them complicit in the death and destruction and they know it. Some are embarrassed, some are cowards and some have outsized egos that prevent them from even acknowledging that they were fooled. Some got rich off of the misery inflicted on us by the government. The list of people in the local media paid off directly to push the shots is extremely long. There will be a reckoning and the severity of the punishment will increase the longer they wait. As for people in power faking the shots there are plenty of stories around the world about that being the case. Kate Middleton taking her shots was staged.