Scottish television presenter and anti-globalist agenda thought leader Neil Oliver painted a grim picture on his YouTube channel Wednesday.

He said, “If the WHO says lockdown … then we will lock down.”

Of course, Oliver is referring to the nightmare scenario being ushered in by the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, which is expected to be voted on during this year’s World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, starting on May 27, 2024.

If you think the treaty is just about pandemics, guess again, the WHO will abuse its power to the fullest extent possible, including “climate emergencies.”

Oliver warned, “In the event of something identified by the WHO as being climate crisis, then there’s a health emergency right there as far as they’re concerned. And there will be no possibility of questioning and no possibility of any challenge. If they say it’s a health emergency, it’s a health emergency.”

“We in the UK and in all of the member states that don’t opt out are preparing to surrender national sovereignty to an entity funded in the main by Bill Gates,” Oliver continued.

“What could possibly go wrong?” he asked. “The man [who] said, let’s invent computer viruses so that we can sell them software to fix it.”





  1. I wonder if anyone knows that Trudeau is now going to have the military on grounds here in Canada due to news that there will be civilian unrest. He is preparing for the uprise that will happen. If people do not start to stand up we are all hooped….