1. Yes a lot of people have been injured. The problem is they need to stand on top of a mountain and scream it out, lots of people are scared to say they were injured as they don’t want to be looked at as an anti vaxxer. I live with a person who was injured, so much so that he could not continue his job. His family still believes he was not injured and no one wants to talk about it. The loses have just started, now the dementia (that they never told anyone about, hidden in the side effects) I just learned today another friend is already in a home. This is beyond evil, mistakes were not made. And good old Dr. Bonnie Henry here in BC is pushing for a spring shot. Holy hell, this woman needs to be strung up along with Trudeau, Singh, Tam and all the rest.

  2. The Vancouver Sun and so-called journalist Sharon Kirkey are responsible for death and destruction by spreading misinformation about covid and censoring legitimate questions around the entire covid narrative. They along with the other local media need to be held responsible. Reuters and The Globe & Mail owned by Canada’s wealthiest individual David Thomson also spread fear and misinformation. There is no way that the entire covid scamdemic would have been possible without the full support of the legacy media. They led the fear mongering, they directed hate speech at the unvaccinated and they shilled for big pharma. Anyone that is still watching, listening or reading legacy media is part of the problem.

  3. Don’t forget Sarah Otto from SFU and her “modeling” that claimed cases were going to explode in the Fall which was the justification for vaccine passports. Her modeling was as faulty as the WHO claiming that for every two hundred COVID cases that seven people would die. How do less than 500 covid deaths in 2020 justify stomping on the rights of 5 million people? Even worse how does it justify forcing 5 million people to take experimental injections for an illness that wasn’t an issue for 99.9% of the population? There is only one answer. Evil. Pure evil. Claiming that what happened in 2020 was government incompetence is utterly naive. Most legacy media watching drones think tens of thousands of people died from covid in 2020. Like I said without the completely corrupt and evil media from the Vancouver Sun, City TV, Global News, CTV News, Chek in Victoria they wouldn’t have been able to get away with any of it. Those same legacy media are STILL pushing shots on six month old BABIES! To answer Fake News I do not believe the will get away with it because the excess deaths are getting harder and harder to hide. The government slaughtered innocent people just by shutting down hospitals for two months with ZERO justification other than BS modeling from the corrupt WHO.