1. Come on, anyone who has been paying attention already knows the entire procedure is another rigged process and absolutely nothing will come of this. The overseer of this is another Pro-Trudeau thug who had previous connections. They will come out and say this is perfectly acceptable and then will triple down on this as part of the rigging process for 2025 (If we are allowed to have an election at all — I remain skeptical about all this kabuki).

    Nothing will come of this. It never does. Trudeau will not be charged. Best case, they may find some low-wage fill-in-the-blank who had nothing to do with this to take the usual fall. Hell, the RCMP has ‘everything’ they need to charge Trudeau with the Aga Khan scandal back from ’16 and still won’t do it. They were investigating Trudeau’s connections to the Sherman murders back in ’18 when everyone was told to drop the matter. We had the entire SNC Lavalin scandal which the RCMP should still be pursuing to this day, but due to political interference they had to drop the matter as well. Can we see the pattern yet? Does anyone seriously think the RCMP will do their jobs, now?! WHAT A JOKE! HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!

  2. I think they should go back to the 2015 election also. Quite frankly the liberals would not be in power if it was not the NDP and the handshake. With this news of election interference in 2019 and 2021 Trudeau is not a legal government. Thus we should turn to the number of total number of total votes. The way it should be. Now the Conservatives had the most votes of these elections. Thus the conservatives should be in power. Not that I trust PP either but he would at least stop the stealing of our tax money, axe the tax, hopefully stop immigration at all levels, deport all the asylum people that need to be sent away. The fact that he brought in foreign students who are not Canadians to vote, should land him in jail. With all his scandals he should be in jail for life.