Dr Eric Payne Western Standard files


by Linda Slobodian

Western Standard News

April 7, 2024

This is a story of COVID-19, vaccines, medical group-think, control, abuse of power and how an army of bureaucrats and lawyers and lesser qualified Alberta physicians, took a hammer to the career of a courageous doctor who dared to express his disagreement with their dictates.

Before COVID-19 arrived, Dr. Eric Payne was a sought-after pediatric neurocritical care physician and clinical researcher in Calgary. He remains so. However, he has walked through a veil of darkness. This is what happened to him.

Not long after March 2020, when the Canadian response to the COVID-19 pandemic began, Payne questioned the safety of experimental medical treatments, especially for children at less risk of COVID-19 than flu season. These vaccines “were never needed and cause harm,” he said, citing research and data that was fresh at the time but has since been widely validated.

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  1. Dr. Eric Payne refused to take the garbage back in 2021 (Smart man!), citing it as dangerous and zero long-term data, basic reasons that should give anyone with even half a mind pause (But that is the beauty of the endless fear propaganda; they killed those half a minds). How ‘can’ anyone have any sort of long-term data over something that made in a ridiculously short span of time (though the delivery mechanism had been prepped for years, leading right up this scamdemic, right Trudeau?), compromised and faked test data to try and optimize the results you want and then swap out the trial substance with a completely different one while pretending it’s the same thing. Like… what? This is beyond clown world politics, it’s a slap of face of anything resembling decency and is a clear case this was all about making money. They f-bombs are sick, totally sick. They knew they fashioned a killer and used propaganda to get this garbage into arms so they could murder with impunity.

    Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to read the full article since I use an obsolete browser and other support to browse for anti-agenda info. However, I noted he denied the existence of “Long Covid” and he is right. It does not exist. It never will exist. While it’s not unusual that a flu ‘can’ make someone sick for weeks, even if most of that is just a tailend annoyance, for colds to be last months is nearly unheard of, unless the person suffering from it has been seriously compromised in some way. With the jabs utterly annihilating people’s immune systems, it comes as no surprise that they get sick and literally ‘stay’ sick; their bodies unable to or refuse to beat the damn illness that plagues them. This is jab poisoning and jab AIDS, not something trademarked by an organization as a way to make more money.