The vaccines will be offered at pharmacies, regional health authority clinics, primary care offices and community health centres.

north shore news

Canadian Press

April 8, 2024

VICTORIA — British Columbia is rolling out another round of COVID-19 vaccination boosters, with invitations starting to go out Monday.

Ministry of Health says people who haven’t received a booster against the XBB. 1.5 Omicron variant of COVID-19 will be among those offered the free shot.

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  1. It’s kinda like a Russian Roulette version of MAID.
    Either way they want you dead.

    Hello Presstitutes…..
    Did your employer give you a choice of get the shots or lose your job?
    Or, did you just willingly get the shots without investigating what was in them?

  2. Holy hell, unbelievable they are still pushing this bio weapon, the really want a lot of people dead. This is disgusting. When are these people going to be arrest and hung, there definitely is no mistakes that are made here. This shot kills and maims people. Now they are trying to push that Alzheimer’s you can catch from another person, all the dementia setting in, heart attacks, turbo cancers. Just wow Dr. Bonnie Henry is so evil I do believe Karma will take down these people and real soon.

  3. What’s wrong, aren’t they murdering enough people with their free drugs and suicide programs? Are they that ignorant that they don’t know these jabs are years past their ‘Best Before’ date? Did they not get enough kickbacks from all the previous rounds of jab programs? There is nothing about that that is ‘free’ at all, so once again, they push more lies. Nothing new from the money party that uses their money to push lies, agendas and programs to destroy and kill everything.

    Between this and the non-existent birth rates courtesy of the woke, the jabs and other agenda garbage is making it impossible for the legals to have babies, the only reason there isn’t a massive population deficit in Canuckistan is due to all the illegals they keep shipping in. This contributes to the whole ‘White Replacement’ theory which, year over year, is looking increasingly factual.

    This also sounds like it’s a ‘go for broke’ agenda: Cash out as much as you can since you know you’re going to get completely steamrolled over for the next election. Plunder/ steal / loot as much public funds as you can… and if it kills your own people, what do you care? You got all the money you could. Wait until inflation kicks into overdrive and all your evil amounts to nothing but dead people.

    • So what you are saying is they should all be getting a daily dose of the real killshot jab, right? Especially the ones marked with 021 in the serial number, the ones with the longest list of ‘adverse reactions’? Just to show us how ‘Safe and effective’ this garbage is?

      If our political system was dropping like flies the same way to rest of the population was, it would underway their cute lil memes, for sure. The fact they are not is all the proof I need they have perpetrated (yet) another fraud; by claiming they got a jab, when in reality they got a fake shot (or never got anything at all).