Pro-freedom candidates, who were suddenly dropped by the Conservative Party of B.C., discuss why they believe they were tossed to the side and what that means for the party. Visit Rebel News for more on this story ► Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great Rebel content.




  1. This is part of the problem with all the establishment parties that play this game at our expense:

    – Money in politics: The big money in the big parties means they always have the advantages no one else gets to have, especially in mass rallies, instant support groups and advertising, something which destroys any concept of free and fair because there is absolutely no such thing as a level playing field. Since, not only is it a popularity contest between specifics names and faces in a riding, but you have the added influence of a brand name, which always slants the votes in favour of the brand name. In small businesses, the small burger joint will always struggle against McDonalds and A&W, because they don’t have the means to advertise and spend like the big names do, even if the small place offers a much healthier options, like not including preservatives, gmos, not using high-polyunsaturate oils or aluminum-based compounds. The money is allowed to always skew the vote towards them, which makes elections quite a farce.

    – The absence of options. Independents are always never get the means to push their message like these money parties do (which is part of why it’s so important to get money out of politics, among others). Even if they are allowed to participate in local debates, they get almost no time so the big names can go at it over the most trivial os garbage. In summary, if you don’t want to vote Conservative because they are part of establishment, that (is supposed to) leave you Liberal and NDP as the only remaining options.

    – The sabotage of your critical thinking in forcing you to only vote the establishment. They want to make you believe and think that your vote means nothing if you don’t vote Con/Lib/NDP (which is the same uniparty vote). Well, guess what: It is “YOUR” vote, not anyone else’s. No one, despite their self-delusions or mental illness episodes, are entitled to it. Your vote is how you choose to spend it. Anyone who obsesses with telling you otherwise and who you can and cannot vote for is either paid to or a useful idiot who happily serves the agenda aimed at destroying us all (Which is why there is so much money in politics, in the first place). In summary, they want you to believe that only establishment parties can be allowed to form government… And look at the trainwrecks they have ALL caused for the last 150 years, huh.