by Martin Armstrong

Armstrong Economics

April 7, 2024

I have written in the past few weeks that all my sources are DEEPLY concerned that the Climate Change movement is transforming into using war to reduce the population. I have warned that the Climate Change zealots who have usurped the White House along with the NEOCONS are in bed together. They are pushing for World War III and are trying to get Russia to attack anything in NATO, the same way Roosevelt got the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor because Congress would not pass a resolution to enter World War II.

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  1. 2 billion is part of the ‘Death by a thousand paper cuts approach’. There is no 1 event that is causing this, or else it would be noticed far too easily. A few examples include:

    – US’ involvement in pushing wars for profit. The being they like to do is carpet bomb civilians (like they recently did in Yemen); it is good for killing people, destroying the environment and damaging the ability to feed and care for people, which can help contribute to additional deaths down the road.
    – The jab. I don’t need to explain this one, other than not only does it kill, but it prevents babies from being born. It’s a two-in-one special; no wonder the sickos love this garbage.
    – Never ending woke agendas designed to keep people from being together, which is greating as destroying birth rates.
    – Programs like MAIDS and “Safe Supply” which are specifically designed to murder.
    – Active genocides that are being enabled and carried out across the world.
    – WEF-controlled puppets being used to destroy agriculture to promote a mass starvation program.

    Friendly reminder: If your government pushes anything (jabs, Ukraine, etc.), that alone is a good enough reason to stay the f-bomb away from it! I am curious to see what the next bandwagon mentality will be that they push and (once again) watching everyone stupidly enough to rally behind it. The plebs never learn…