Oh! The BC Conservative Party Is Not Conservative ? So Says Its Leader !!

by the Honourable A. Brian Peckford


April 6, 2024

Did you get that ?

Conservative Leader John Rustad in introducing his Party’s Candidate for Nannaimo Lantzville  , former socialist MLA Gwen O’Mahoney , explained ( From Today In BC) and I quote :

“He said his party is not about being conservative or liberal or NDP or Green.”


“We have been tracking people from across the political spectrum to be part of our party.”


Is that what you have to do to attract new candidates?

This is ridiculous!

I wonder how many of the conservative minded people  who have flocked to the party feel about that? And how some of the other recently nominated candidates for the party feel?

I thought Mr. Rustad was leader of the BC Conservative Party .

So what happens to all the Party’s policy positions ?

What is lacking today are leaders and political parties that have a core set of principles and policies that they believe in and go about persuading other people that these are the appropriate principles and policies for that given jurisdiction. This attempt of trying to be all things to all people leads to a mishmash of ‘nothingness’ ——-

The NDP know who they are —-big government, big spending , big deficits , big taxes , all for the collective , diminish the person,  the individual ——a blob of an administrative state —a plethora of regulations and petty laws , violators of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms —-that ‘s what we have in BC today ——-both the once Provincial Liberals ( foolishly renamed the BC United as if running a Province is all about labels) and the NDP have led us to an over governed,  overtaxed, union influenced , bureaucrat run Province.

One of the first signals of an ‘elastic party’ , a non principled party was the party brass rejecting Dr. Steven Malthouse from being able to run for a Party candidate nomination , who is standing up for principle, bodily autonomy, a person’s right to choose , the Hippocratic oath , opposing Government coercion.

Now,  the one party that seemed to want to get back to basics , to a real conservative framework of policy , even before the actual election , is showing the citizens that well you know this just might be just another mainstream party ——-

By the way has there been a BC Conservative nominating meeting in the riding ? Have other people had a chance to run for the Conservative nomination? Or is this more top down , undemocratic processes like we have seen in the other parties for years . For democracy to reign a local riding nominating process must happen first !!!

I remember well many rushing to my party wanting favours , have the  leader endorse them———I insisted on being neutral , let the local riding association decide who their candidate should be.

You have to clearly stand for something —-clearly articulated and LEAD!!!

Being for everyone —is a cop out from establishing a platform and having all who wish to run support it and then persuade the majority that this is the right path for our society.



  1. The BC Cons have been turning down a number of great candidates, instead bringing in left candidates.
    The leader couldn’t be found for comment.
    He was busy carrying Klaus’ luggage.
    BC Uniparty Swamp!

  2. The BC Liberals aka BC United are and always have been globalists. They brought in the carbon tax in British Columbia in 2008. Rustad is all we’ve got with the alternative being Communism masquerading as socialism under the NDP. Falcon left BC to get the full globalist indoctrination back East and his party went 100% along with all of the covid tyranny.