by Jen Hodgson

Western Standard

April 4, 2024

Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre refused to answer whether, if elected, his government would withdraw from the 2015 international Paris Climate Accords.

Canada is one of the 96 countries that signed the Paris Agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, France. The United Nations describes the treaty as “a legally binding international treaty on climate change.”

Poilievre has been an outspoken critic of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, which increased 23% April 1, but has not renounced the climate change agenda.

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  1. Totally consistent with what i have been saying about small PP for a long time, here: He only does things quarter-assed. It’s just enough to get the votes, but never enough to actually change the course of self-destruction that Canuckistan is on.

    – Is small PP making any noise about the admissions during the interference inquiry? No. O’Toole is the one doing that, since he figured the revelations impacted his seat count and he isn’t really what I would call politically relevant anymore since he no longer holds a seat.
    – Is small PP making noise about the Shermans’ murder and why the RCMP was ordered to drop the investigation when they started link it to Trudeau? No, he’s quiet about that. Why? His wife stood to make a TON of money on the fraudulent PCR test kits that were pushed to create false diagnoses. Of course he wouldn’t want to disrupt the gravy train when it came time for a scamdemic, something the Shermans could have bitten on the heel before any sort of ‘jab’ was toted as necessary.
    – Is small PP making mention of a (possible) NDA signed by a minor (or guardian) over violating a minor? No, he just makes a little noise about him leaving his job as a high school teacher and leaves it at that, like that was some big victory.
    – Is small PP making any sort of effort to help those who were wrongfully arrested and detained regarding the protests in early 2022? No, he thinks a couple selfies is enough to make it seem like he’s taking a stand. Candice Bergen did a hell of a lot more, and even that wasn’t much.

    Frankly, anyone who tries to tell me that’s he some sort of guy who can save the country: You can spare my ears the noise and my stomach the terrible upset; I had a good lunch and I don’t want to lost it. Small PP is part of the problem, not the solution. Anyone who can take a selfie with Bill Gates is part of the problem, not the solution; you don’t get close to a disgusting obscenity like that unless you have considerable dirt in your background.

  2. Yes I agree, there are quite a few things Pierre is not doing, still has not called an inquiry of the Covid bio weapon, has done nothing to help those still in jail, refuses to say NO to WHO, WEF,UN, Nato, these are all groups we do not need in Canada. The only thing PP will do is maybe slow the process for the take over of Canada. We need to scrap all government start over with only independent MP’s who actually do work for the Canadian people.

  3. Don’t forget the CPC tried to palm off Charest as a leader. Lantzman is the Freeland of the CPC. That treacherous bit of business took money from Walmart during the scamdemic. The CPC represents the exact same establishment as the Liberals. Bernier has the policies but no political charisma and unable to get a single person elected even in one of the most conservative ridings in Canada. Then there are the corrupt and captured provincial governments. Regardless of who you vote for you still get all the same globalist agenda no matter what they say during an election campaign. Smith stood by while an Albertan died for refusing the poison shots to get a transplant. They are all rotten. None of them are working for us at this point and they won’t unless there is a real revolt.