“We want to get those numbers down,” stated Trudeau this week regarding temporary residents and immigrants to Canada.

by Brad Salzberg

April 3, 2024

Justin Trudeau acknowledged the challenges posed by the increase in temporary immigrants entering the country, and stated that it had surpassed Canada’s capacity to absorb them and the situation needed to be brought under control.”

If one didn’t know better, one would believe that no matter how absurd, the prime minister of Canada can say anything he wants and remain national leader.

It’s a condition that CAP has alluded to on numerous occasions. On a practical basis, Trudeau’s retention of political office is presently secured by his direct competitor, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Beyond this, there’s something so very “authoritarian” running through the veins of federal politics in Canada. Simply put, Justin Trudeau just “feels like” a dictator. More than any of his predecessors, our current PM smacks of being propped up by international forces.

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