At a municipal charging point, two electric vehicles are filling up. Generative AI

by Kevin Hughes

Natural News

April 3, 2024

The proposed federal mandate of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration to only allow electric vehicle (EV) sales would bring about immense chaos and threaten to collapse Canada’s power grids.

“Requiring all new vehicle sales in Canada to be electric in just 11 years means the provinces need to substantially increase their power generation capabilities and adding the equivalent of 10 new mega-dams or 13 new gas plants in such a short timeline isn’t realistic or feasible,” said G. Cornelis van Kooten, a Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of “Failure to Charge: A Critical Look at Canada’s EV Policy.”

“Canadians need to know just how much additional electricity is going to be required in order to meet Ottawa’s electric vehicle mandate, because its impact on the provinces – and taxpayers and rate payers – will be significant.”

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  1. They can mandate it all they want, but there may not be supply. Ford is no longer making EV vehicles. Toyota is also considering dropping them. GM is so borderline close to bankrupt now they may not have the option to make them in the near future. That leaves Chinese knockoffs that will be built on a price point, not on quality, and if you have been hearing stories about their EVs catching fire regularly, wait until their #2 line hits our market; it’ll make their #1’s look like the safest automotive market in history. Mandates or not, that market is eventually doomed. It’s a market that cannot survive on it’s own without massive government funds because the demand for such death traps is marginal, at best, not enough for all the ridiculous R&D that has gone into it.

    There is also the matter of whether they can get the lithium. We already know there isn’t enough lithium to service a global EV market. Also, one-by-one, countries in Africa are openly rejecting colonialism and kicking the colonials out, meaning their resources will be for them to put on a market, rather than westerners to scoop up for pennies on the dollar.