“Tell me a theory that you think I got wrong. Show me facts”

by Vigilant Fox

April 3,2024

Independent presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. flipped the script on NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo Wednesday after the former CNN anchor painted him as a “conspiracy theorist” live on air.

“A lot of the write-ups are playing to your biggest weakness, which is that you spout a lot of conspiracy. Think whether it’s deep state, whether it’s 9/11, whether it’s vaccines, you are painted with that brush. And I know you and the campaign think that this is water under the bridge. We’ve already addressed it. But I think that you should greatly rethink going there because all those write-ups today called you a conspiracist. And I think that there are a lot of people in this country [who] want another choice, but they’re not going to vote for a conspiracist,” Cuomo concluded.

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