How carbon tax works. Follow me on my adventure…

Pretend there are 5 people living in Canada and this is what they make annually:
Gertrude: $500,000
William: $400,000
Suzy: $50,000
Spencer: $40,000
Dwight: $30,000
Gertrude and William own all the stores and sell grocery, clothes and industrial supplies to Suzy, Spencer and Dwight.
This is what these 5 will pay in Carbon Tax:
Gertrude: $5000
William: $4,000
Suzy: $800
Spencer: $600
Dwight: $500
This is their ‘rebates’:
Gertrude: $0
William: $0
Suzy: $850
Spencer: $630
Dwight: $520
Suzy, Spencer and Dwight love the carbon tax. They got more money back than they paid (so they think). It’s like a lottery. Super awesome.
Gertrude and William got screwed.
The Supreme Emperor who invented the carbon tax, doesn’t care about Gertrude and William though. He just needs the support of the other three to stay in power.
The Supreme Emperor also knows that like him, Suzy, Spencer and Dwight aren’t very good at math and can’t figure out that their entire cost of living has increased, because Gertrude and William just raised the price of everything because the Carbon Tax made their cost of doing business more expensive. Because they pay more carbon tax and don’t get a rebate, because ‘they make too much money’ to qualify for the ‘rebate’.
Suzy, Spencer and Dwight keep voting for the Supreme Emperor, because they like ‘free money’.
Gertrude and William vote to have the Supreme Emperor removed from power and Suzy, Spenser and Dwight get upset. They don’t understand why Gertrude and William despise the Supreme Emperor who gives out free money like candy.
The thing is… Suzy, Spenser and Dwight don’t even know that Gertrude and William don’t get a rebate and had to increase prices on everything, because they only watch CBC.
The End.


  1. Well written especially because of the last part 0 they only watch CBC and don’t know that the Supreme Emperor owns CBC. Brilliant!