Too Bad While Conservative Leader Was In Our Neck Of The Woods ( Nanaimo, Vancouver Island last evening) That He Did Not——

Announce that he would introduce a resolution in the House of Commons at the next opportunity to amend the Conflict of Interest Act to ensure no MP could sit in the House of Commons if that MP had broken the law as determined by the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner or a Court of Law ? The PM broke the law 5 times and still sits as MP . How come all MP’s allow this to continue?

And that his Party will publish on their website the annual audited financial statements of his Party.

And thirdly , that he will not , like his former boss PM Harper did , abuse the rules of Parliament, introduce bills in the Parliament that contain many items unrelated to the bill’s purpose—so called omnibus bills. Harper in 2014 introduced two bills— C38 and C-45 —800 pages covering 160 laws and regulations.

Can we get some integrity back?

by The Honurable A. Brian Peckford