But the rest of the month is showing a warmer-than-average signal.

by Elana Shepert

North Shore News

April 2, 2024

The Metro Vancouver forecast includes an “organized rainstorm” following some warm, sunny weather over the Easter long weekend.

V.I.A.’s Trout Lake Weatherhood station shows a mix of sun and cloud with a double-digit high of 16 C and a low of 7 C on Monday, April 1 (see slide two).

Other areas across the Lower Mainland are also expected to see dry weather and temperatures in the mid to late teens to kick off the week. Port Coquitlam is expected to reach a high of 15 C and a low of 5 C, while Delta’s Ladner neighbourhood is also expected to reach a high of 15 C but a slightly milder low of 6 C.

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  1. Organized yep that would be their geo engineering of the weather nightmares they have been doing around the world. They are doing it to destroy mother earth, the agriculture, the foods we grow and need to survive. I would not be surprised if they geo’d a cold spell to really reck havoc. Climate Change, Hoax all engineered. Or should we say organized. 🙂