1. If it wasn’t for propagating this mental illness agenda, this would be pure comedy.

    These people need help, not encouragement. The establishment also need to stop pushing this like it’s some sort of new thing. They won’t, because this garbage is deliberate: It is purely destructive and is one part of the entire agenda to destroy the concept of the family. By destroying it, you break people up, making them far easier to manage and control, something that has become commonplace in the entire western world (and guess which group controls ALL those political system).

    In places like Russia, this is not happening. Why? The family is still considered traditional, essential and an important element of their society, which is why they are increasingly making all this garbage illegal to promote in every way, shape or form. They have long since been taking steps to protect their people from this degeneracy.

    Friendly reminder: Germany had serious degeneracy problems following WW1 as their entire country was being taken over, then Hitler arrived and helped taking it back with the creation of a new gold-backed currency that was based on labour, not market speculation, a strong economy and by burning and destroying anything and everything that pushed degeneracy in their society which revived the family and brought serious unity back to Germany. Even at the lowest point in WW2 when Germany’s civilians were being bombed at a regular basis, the government still had strong support from the people, something that NO ONE in our western political systems have, anymore. Ties to degeneracy imported by various elements and dregs are always meant to destroy the family. This kind of stuff is no accident. It will never be an accident.