by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford 

March 30, 2024

Sadly ,the BC Conservative party fails an early test.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse of Denman Island, was apparently accepted by the Party as the Party’s candidate in the new district of Ladysmith Oceanside only to be rejected later.

Both Black Press and Epoch Times carry the story. The Sooke News Mirror, a Black Press paper, on March 28 carried the story saying :

‘A Denman Island doctor suspended over COVID views is no longer running for the Conservative Party of B.C. less than one day after the party had announced his candidacy.’

The paper goes on to say that ‘Estey’s ( Party President) statement does not include a reason for the party’s decision to drop Malthouse,————‘

The Epoch Times also carried the story today  :

‘The B.C. Conservative Party has cut ties with a Denman Island doctor whose licence was suspended in 2022 for signing mask and vaccine exemptions and making statements contradicting the regulatory college, just hours after announcing his candidacy this week.’

And again this paper says:

‘The party did not offer any further explanation in its post and has yet to comment beyond its prepared media statement.’

It seems obvious that the dismissal concerned Dr. Malthouse ‘s  covid views .

But  to anyone following the covid narrative this Party ( apparently it was initially on the Party’s website) would have known that Dr. Malthouse was suspended by the incompetent College of Physicians  and Surgeons . The news article makes clear that he held views at odds with them and the Provincial Government. The news reports do not make clear whether Dr. Malthouse was ever given a full hearing by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. And look how they have treated Dr. Charles Hoffe!!

And it is now clear and should be to leader John Rustad that the   Covid mandates and lockdowns were a massive mistake. Our own local Professor at Simon Fraser University , Dr. Douglas W. Allen in a report in April 2021 pointed this out in reviewing the global research literature. The excuse by the President of the Party that they are new just doesn’t  wash if anyone was following public policy at all in the Province the last four years—-new party or not.

Has the ‘new ‘ party already been captured by big Government, big Pharma —??? What has happened  to free speech?

The vaccine safe and effective story has been demolished: they cause injury and death and transmission happens among the vaccinated. We all know vaccinated people who  have contracted covid—a lot of science actually says a more  severe covid than experienced by the unvaccinated. Masks do not work and the PCR tests were flawed. Sweden and Florida experiences ( rejecting lockdowns and mandates ) put a lie to the  policy that mandates and lockdowns as instituted by most of the world work. The science refutes British Columbia ‘s approach and that of most of Canada and many nations. Slowly the truth is being known. Look at the refusal now by people everywhere to continue taking the shots. There is too much collateral damage around not to be seen.

The BC Conservatives get it wrong on at least three counts :

  1. If it’s Dr. Malthouse covid views that have caused his dismissal they are rejecting independent science and are captured by the Government narrative  . They fail to see how our Constitution has been abused, rights taken away. Many thought ,given their climate position , they would also see the light on covid.
  2. The Party has not been transparent( no reasons for why Dr. Malthouse was suddenly rejected as a Candidate) something of which they accuse the Government.  Yet , that want to be the Government and are presently close to being that if the polls are to be believed.
  3. The Party is jumping on the bandwagon of denying free speech and personal medical choice.

I suspect this is not the ‘change ‘ many British Columbians are seeking as they gaze down a debt ridded , science denying , rights denying political highway.

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  1. There wasn’t a pandemic to begin with. Less than 500 deaths FROM covid in 2020 in BC average age 81. This in a province of 5.3 million people were 38,000 people die annually. We had LESS deaths in BC in 2020 than the previous five year average. BC Liberal leader Shirley Bond was Bonnie Henry’s number one fangirl and didn’t even reply to my emails. I wrote Runstad and the only response I got was a fundraising link. So-called freedom fighter Poilievre is fully vax’d and showed up on the last couple of days the convoy for a photo op. You still need to wear a mask to get healthcare in BC and unvax’d nurses still can’t work while Adrian Dix is bringing in more compliant healthcare workers from overseas. Elected politicians ALL went along with the tyranny and none of them are fit for office.