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It’s The System – But That Means It Implicates Us All And Well –...

One of the crucial questions that avoids scrutiny in this time of ‘ official misinformation’ is that to face what is really happening one must confront some harsh self evaluation and risk either job or peer condemnation or both.

What the Media Won’t Tell You about King Charles III

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 and her eldest son was named King Charles III.

Most Canadians agreed Emergencies Act was an overreach: internal polling

Most Canadians believe the Trudeau government overreached when invoking the Emergencies Act in February to clear peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors from Ottawa’s core.

B.C. Supreme Court judge dismisses another challenge to province’s discriminatory vaccine passport

Legal researcher Jeremy Maddock says that one of the reasons why he chose to challenge this particular variation of the vax pass order was because 'it was made after it had become very clear that the vaccine wasn’t preventing transmission.'

Trudeau’s Politics Are Marxist, Father Was Communist Say American Media, by Brad Salzberg

“For Canadians baffled over wokeism and our rapid embrace of it under [Justin]Trudeau, its origins in Marxism are the salient key to understanding.”

Truth drop in obituary

Remember when we were told we would "kill grandma" if we didn't comply? This is what compliance has done.

“DIED SUDDENLY” Where is the Outrage? by Stephen Andrew

...DIED SUDDENLY” by Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani, Australia September 9, 2022 According to the latest official data, ‘excess deaths’ are skyrocketing worldwide. Whether its New Zealand, Australia,...

New York Times Censors Book Exposing World Economic Forum: Tucker Carlson

https://twitter.com/i/status/1569495360459923456 Fox News’s Tucker Carlson called out the New York Times, saying they lied about a best-selling book from last week. According to Carlson,...

Will Jagmeet Singh Preserve The Trudeau Dictatorship Until 2025?, by Brad Salzberg

Like Justin Trudeau, Singh is a card-carrying affiliate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. As with our reigning PM, the NDP leader is dedicated to the Woke Globalist ideology perpetrated by Mr. Trudeau.

We Will Never Forget, Or Forgive, Moves & Countermoves, We Are Operational – X22...

 The [DS] is panicking, they are now so panicked that they don't care if people see who they really are, the muscle for the [DS].