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Does Veritas Have Epsteins – Dustin Nemos

https://youtu.be/GYAV66icVSk   Hello my friend. It's Dustin Nemos from the Nemos News Network. There are a lot in this “Sunday Special” report… Let’s start with the footage outside Epstein's...

Australian bush fires might have the same ignition source as California fires

How do 50 or more bushfires start almost simultaneously across NSW or Queensland?

Henry Ford Built a Hemp Car That Ran on Hemp Fuel 80 Years Ago

Henry Ford built a car out of hemp plastic that ran on hemp fuel almost a century ago. Why aren’t we driving it today?

BREAKING: Former SNC-Lavalin Executive VP Guilty On All Counts

Sami Bebawi, the executive VP for SNC-Lavalin between 2000 and 2006, has been found guilty on all counts by a Montreal jury

“Dad is NOT a Killer” by Byron Christopher

(Ashley White)   “Dad is NOT a Killer” by Byron Christopher December 6, 2019 In the summer of '05, Ashley White was a few months shy of her fourth birthday when...

Developing: Passport for Mysterious Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud Turns up in Portugal – Deep...

Deep State Spy Joseph Mifsud is connected to the Obama Spygate Scandal

Rebel Media staffers assaulted by protesters at the UCP conference

  Rebel reporters Shelia Gunn-Reid and Keean Bexte were physically and verbally assaulted by protesters at the United Conservative’s Party convention on Saturday.   By Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean November...

The rule of law has collapsed in America, a nation where the guilty go...

by Mike Adams November 17, 2019 As of November 15, 2019, the rule of law no longer exists in the United States of America. This has become abundantly...

Calgary Wexit rally draws 1700

Nearly 1700 people attended Saturday’s Wexit rally. Some wanted clear independence, while others wanted leverage against Ottawa.

De-Google-ify Yourself

Time to remove Google, Facebook, Youtube and others.... there are some Good Ones, and we tell you about that in this video...