Incongruity between Conservatism in Alberta and Liberal-NDP oriented mayors makes little sense– a condition legacy media refuse to entertain.

by Brad Salzberg

March 29, 2024

For years now, politics in the province of Alberta have remained emblematic of a curious contradiction. On the one hand, conservatism as advanced by the United Conservative Party (UPC) has resulted in election victories for current Premier Danielle Smith, as well as predecessor Jason Kenney.

Meanwhile, on a municipal level, candidates for mayoral positions have gained office in surprising fashion. The election of current Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi in late 2021 stands as one of the most peculiar achievements in the history of Alberta politics.

“Amarjeet Sohi, mayor of Edmonton 2021–present was born 8 March 1964 in Banbhaura, Punjab, India. After being accused of terrorism and imprisoned in India for 21 months, Amarjeet Sohi became involved in municipal politics in Edmonton.”

In this we find symbiosis with another leading political figure, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

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