“The task force concluded that a Canadian federal election would most likely be impacted by ideologically motivated violent extremism.”

by Brad Salzberg

March 25, 2024

‘Mounties Fear Angry Canadians May Rebel Against Federal Government’

“The task force weighed the possible threat from violent extremism driven by politics, religion and ideology. It concluded that of the three, a Canadian federal election would most likely be impacted by ideologically motivated violent extremism.”

It can only be due to a lack of proper analysis that this development isn’t considered a pivotal moment in Canadian politics. Myriad concerns on the part of the Canadian public should rightly emanate from an attempt to inject the “fear factor” into the spine of society.

Angry Canadians may rebel isn’t any different than stating that “Country X may drop a nuclear bomb on Country Y.” Speculation is not fact. Anyone can speculate about any form of pending catastrophe, from end-of-the-world biblical prophecy to warnings of a pending climate apocalypse.

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  1. Hmm, imagine that. Something I called out on once upon a time ago has come true. It look long enough, but it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks we will never have another election again. Once the ‘Get all MPs for selling out their constituents their gold-plated pensions’ passes, the foot will be the in door to indefinitely delay elections for any and every ridiculous excuse imaginable, meaning we will never see another one again in our lifetimes (unless of course it’s specifically rigged so we never had a real choice, anyway).

    Oh and don’t worry about opposition parties. C-65 will take care of them by rounding them up on pretend hate crimes and toss em in jail for the rest of their lives. If small PP was smart (Which is a hell of a stretch, to be blunt), the first thing he should when it passes is have Trudeau immediately arrested for said hate crimes using this new law, but he’s an idiot and just as bought and paid for. We will be on the same footing as Ukraine with no opposition, no elections and no church… And that is only the beginning.

    Liberaltopia is at hand, folks. It’s now or never if we are going to stop this! The legal system will not; all the judges are part of the Liberal party. The RCMP won’t; all the top-end officials refuse to lift a finger for the obvious Aga Khan scandal which could put em away for years on end. The military won’t; they no longer have troops or other resources to execute such a move, anyway.

  2. Most interesting that this is even being investigated, except something is up.
    Wonder what it will be, another fake news piece from cbc to justify suspension of the election and then martial law, just like Justin’s masters… daddy’s little helper indeed