And usher in a Globalist nightmare

by Jon Rappoport

March 25, 2024

Here are the dots I’ll connect in this major podcast:

IG Farben, the infamous German chemical/pharmaceutical cartel that put Hitler into power.

The post-World War 2 rise of poisonous Big Pharma.

The emergence of giant corporations, each of which produces a deadly trifecta—toxic medical drugs, toxic pesticides, and dangerous genetic technology.

The horrific medical transgender movement.

Once you see how these dots combine, you’ll understand the current chemical war against America and the West.

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On top of that, I’ll explain how the political Left, which once opposed mega-corporations, came to embrace them—thus supporting this chemical war.

COVID was the final solution, during which the Left demanded the corporate genetic “vaccines” and killer medical treatments be deployed. The Left’s embrace was complete.

I’ll describe how genetic research is the cover story that conceals the corporate chemical war against the population.

And finally, I’ll explain how the transgender movement is essentially another cover story, launched to hide the chemical war against sexuality itself.

I started all this research in 1996, when I launched an educational boycott against some of these mega-corporations. This podcast creates new chapters in that research.

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As always, thank you.

— Jon Rappoport

(Rappoport Podcasts, Episode 061)