Behind the wheel of Trudeau’s “woke revolutionary” bus is Liberal government ideological weaponry: climate change, carbon taxation, impediments on farming profits, et al.

by Brad Salzberg

March 23, 2024

“If he does stay on, Justin Trudeau’s eventual legacy may be to have made us poorer than the poorest U.S. state — Mississippi at US$47,000.” 

So states Canadian economic expert, Jack Mintz. According to his recent article in the Financial Post, “Canadian incomes are at West Virginian levels and declining.” The economy of WV is currently listed at #42 out of a total of 51 states.

Bringing about a question media wouldn’t touch for all the farms in Cuba: is this situation intentional? Could an agenda exist whereby the Liberal government and current political partners New Democratic Party are desirous of this scenario?

CBC won’t tell you, and Toronto Star won’t tweet about it, but could there be a “method in the madness?” At the same time as government instills the highest level of immigration in history, Canadians are becoming progressively poorer. One can presume that, in the main, these metrics apply to multi-generational “Old Stock” Canadians.

Foreign Aid, 2021: Ethiopia, $206 million; Afghanistan, $201 million

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