by Jon Rappoport

March 22, 2024

Give us your huddled masses, yearning for credit cards.

Democrats seem to believe Mexican cartels, Venezuelan gangs, and thousands of escaped Haitian prisoners…

Would never think the open US border gives them an opportunity to come to America and set up shop, in the richest country in the world.

“They wouldn’t do that. Only genuinely suffering people from far-off lands would beat a path to our door.”

Over the years, scattered body parts on Long Island, belonging to victims of MS-13, tell a different story.

So do people living in Montana, of all places, where Mex cartel thugs have moved into their communities and launched crime waves.1

And where are the loads of fentanyl coming from? PhD chemists from Brussels and Geneva are humping them through Mexico into California?

The 80 or 90 million Americans who are enraged about illegal immigration have it all wrong?

See, this is the way it must be happening: Members of a Mex cartel are sitting around in Cancun sipping vodka martinis by a pool, talking about committing theft and murder and trafficking drugs in the US…

And they just can’t figure it out. They’re discussing the possibility of opening a Los Angeles phone book and calling random people with Latin names in LA and asking them whether they’d be interested in receiving small amounts of fentanyl on consignment in the mail and staging home invasions in Hancock Park.

The cartel thugs never consider the possibility of walking across the border THEMSELVES.