Rabbi Pesach Wolicki joined Steve Bannon Wednesday on The War Room to discuss Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s attack on the nation of Israel and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu during their ongoing war against the Hamas barbarians.

President Trump called out Schumer earlier this week after Schumer demanded that Netanyahu step down as Prime Minister.

President Trump: “I think that the Democrats have been very, very opposed to Jewish people. That’s true. And to Israel. All you have to do is look at Senator Schumer. What he did with Israel is a disgrace. And I think Israel will probably not forget it very soon. It’s a very sad situation.”

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki condemned Chuck Schumer following his attacks on Israel and Jews.

Rabbi Wolicki: Chuck Schumer is the avatar. He’s the court Jew who, in exile, has reached the high status of being near the regime and has turned on his own people as a tool of the regime against them, like following in the tradition of many, many court Jews throughout the centuries who worked on behalf of those who persecuted us throughout our time in exile.

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