by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


March 19, 2024

Supreme Court Of Canada Rules —

This is a scandalous verdict by the SCOC ( 6 to 3 ) on the Manitoba  case brought by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms on behalf The Gateway Baptist Church challenging the closure of churches and restricting outdoor assembly.

The JCCF in their reaction to the decision said:

“The Winnipeg Jets could meet and train indoors with their extended crew, and summer Olympic competitors were allowed to train indoors,” reads the statement. “Outdoor gatherings were reduced to no more than five people, while at the same time hundreds of people could legally gather indoors at big box stores.”

The court can square any circle it seems in this country.

Take Section 1 of the Charter . The Court talks of reasonable but the section says ‘demonstrably justify within reasonable limits ‘ and consistent with the rule of law ‘ and in the  context of ‘a free and democratic society.  ‘

None of this was met in this case . The court has abused the plain meaning of Section I of the Charter and I can personally vouch for the intent of the Section ——and the Court violated that: nor was  any of this done in the framework of the opening words of the Charter —‘The Supremacy Of God—-and a Judaeo Christian God at that! The First Ministers who signed the Constitutional Document were all Christians.

The True North website says that the Court says that the Government does not have to meet a high bar in such cases.

One would  think that the Court’s view would be just the opposite when people were subjected to Government propaganda , that people were dying from delayed surgeries because of lock downs and mandate and that this was known or ought to have been known and that the vaccines did not live up to the promise by Governments.

The Courts are not there to support Government action but to examine the evidence —-on health and constitutional grounds  the evidence shows our highest court has failed the nation.

A sad day for Canada—-our democracy has been diminished .



  1. Trudeau is a scum bag and so is the rest of our government all bought off by the WEF they do not care as long as they keep getting their big cheques every month.