Once a party emblematic of moderation in politics, the Liberal Party of Canada has been converted to a collective of woke zealots and globalist fanatics.

by Brad Salzberg

March 19, 2024

On an international basis, Canada had always been viewed as a moderate country. Historically speaking, our society has been known as tolerant, accepting and open-minded.

Fanaticism of any form was never the “Canadian way.” Radicalism played little part within the spectrum of life in our country.

Clearly, those days are over. A transformation has not only occurred in general society, but also among government officials. Fueling the impetus comes in the form of what is today termed “wokeness,” an ideological structure which in many respects has transformed our country into its own worst enemy.

Self-loathing dominates this social dynamic. Eschewing the positive qualities of Canadian heritage, society is at present under-a-microscope focused on picking away at our own self-worth.

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