It’s the interview everyone is talking about. Don Lemon sits down with Elon Musk to discuss matters ranging from hate speech to DEI to the great replacement theory.

This is just the first of many interviews to come on The Don Lemon Show. Don will welcome a variety of guests and newsmakers, with topics spanning everything from social issues and race to pop culture and current events.

(02:23) News on X
(10:07) Donald Trump and Endorsing a Candidate
(13:04) The New Tesla Roadster
(16:46) Relaxation and Video Games
(17:54) Tweeting and Drug Use
(23:19) The Great Replacement Theory
(30:03) Content Moderation
(39:15) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
(51:25) Trans Rights and the Woke Mind Virus
(59:45) Advertisers on X