by Adelle Nazarian, The Western Journal

The Gateway Pundit

March 18, 2024

Stephen Scherr, chief executive officer of Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and a member of its board of directors, will step down on March 31, following the car rental company’s largest quarterly loss since 2020 after a risky bet on electric vehicles.

According to Fox Business, Scherr is working with Gil West, former chief operating officer of Delta Airlines and General Motors’ Cruise unit, to ensure a smooth transition.

West will officially start his new role at Hertz on April 1.

Scherr, 59, joined Hertz two years ago as the company was emerging from bankruptcy and putting a big focus on EVs during that time. Prior to that, he spent nearly 30 years at Goldman Sachs.
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  1. So, let’s see… At last count (To the best of my knowledge, my info could be wrong or obsolete):
    – Ford is done making them.
    – Toyota has plans to stop making them.
    – GM wants to risk complete bankruptcy over this.
    – Tesla sales have been tanking.
    – We have record EV bike fires breaking out, everywhere
    – We have reports coming out that EVs are more destructive to our environment because they go through far more considerable wear than with traditional combustible engine cars, which pumps this wear and tear into the air.

    Of course, let’s not neglect to mention that Lithium is not a common substance; there is not enough of it across the entire planet to replace all the cars that are out there, no matter how much of the world is destroyed through mining. Never mind that these Lithium battery designs are inherently flawed and will eventually expand, leak, burn, go ka-boom, etc. Nothing like having a ticking time bomb that goes from front to back across your entire vehicle, including under your seat; at least the engine in a combustible car is located in one spot, not across the entire car. They have no winter endurance and eventually lose their ability to hold a charge.

    But that’s okay, we won’t have to worry driving these vehicles anywhere, since we won’t have any roads, courtesy of our environmental terror-word, I mean Mishandler of Environment, I mean Minister of Environment who is a convicted felon that caused problems for a number of people prior to be given this cushy job.

    (Also thanks for restoring the means to post on here; I had forgotten about this place for the longest time).