And oh yes, the Musk spy satellites; and, that time Musk accused Substack of theft

by Jon Rappoport

March 17, 2024

Musk stands for free speech? Really?

Journalist Matt Taibbi worked for Musk on the Twitter Files project. This was Musk’s purported effort to uncover Twitter-government collusion in censoring all sorts of Twitter posters.1

But Taibbi now says:2

I do believe that Elon proved to be very disappointing on the free speech issue. All of us who worked on the Twitter Files felt the same way. We went in feeling tremendously optimistic that he actually meant a lot of the things that he said about being in favor of all legal speech and, being a free speech absolutist and all these other things.

That proved not to be the case. He’s currently disenfranchising thousands of Substack writers, including me. And no one seems to care in the press.

Taibbi published exchanges between Musk and himself.3

TAIBBI: Elon, am I being shadowbanned [on Twitter/X]?

MUSK: We went on lockdown after discovering that Substack had stolen a massive amount of our data to prepopulate their Twitter rip-off. Looks like there is still a blanket search ban. Should be fixed by tomorrow. Going forward, tweets with Substack will not appear in For You unless it is paid advertising…

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